My last post made a liar out of me (a.k.a How I ended up in NYC this weekend)

Snapped this fish eye of the view from our room
Last Friday, I posted a sweet little blog about my goals that I wanted to accomplish this weekend. Yea…..that was all a lie. Didn’t finish one thing. Instead, I took an impromptu trip to NYC to celebrate a friend Josh’s birthday/NYC pride. It was a fast and furious turn of events that has left me struggling to keep my eyes open and form coherent sentences at work this morning. To say I’m exhausted is an understatement.

Since I’ve moved into the District, sticking to a strict budget has been vital. As a result of all the moving expenses, money is tight. So when friends presented the idea a few weeks back for an NYC birthday bash, I was like:

I decided early on that I most likely wouldn’t be able to make it because I needed to save money. But they did plan on having a pre-NYC birthday dinner for him on Friday before everyone would leave the next day, so we made sure to make it there to celebrate. After the fun beach-themed party, I got home, and, immediately, booked a bus ticket to NYC. I couldn’t resist.
Saturday afternoon, I hopped on a bus, headed up to NYC, and partied! I don’t know if you heard, but a little thing happened last Friday at the Supreme Court. Marriage equality is the law of the land now. Needless to say, NYC was the epicenter of gayness: Pride/Marriage Equality/Birthday Celebration. And it was AWESOME. 

I only planned on staying one night. My friends split a hotel room between everyone, so it was tight, cozy, and fun. Since I had work today, I booked the return trip for yesterday afternoon, so I was only able to make it to one pride event on Saturday night, the “University” WE Party at the Hammerstein Ballroom. To explain WE Party would be difficult. So I’ll make bullet point descriptions:

-3,000 shirtless guys who all have the body of Channing Tatum
-Nerd, Jock, Cheerleader, Teacher, Coach-themed costumes
-6 thundering mega Masterbeat speakers surrounding the theatre blasting beats by Sagi Kariv and Mickey Friedmann
-Entering at night (midnight)/Leaving at daylight (6:30 a.m.)

The night was indescribable. I crashed around 7:30 a.m., and then woke up at 11:00 a.m. to head out and eat with friends before the 4:00 p.m. bus left for D.C. This made the weekend feel even more like a crazy whirlwind. Tight turnarounds like that knock me out for days. After eating incredible Thai, I had a cheesecake at The Bread Factory, then headed home. 

Right when I got to DC (around 10:00 p.m.), I ran over to Ben’s Chili Bowl, got some hot dogs, then ate and watched Big Brother. This morning was hell getting up at 6 a.m. All I’m dreaming about (almost literally dreaming about) is going to back to bed. I need it so bad!

My apologies for this frenetic and poorly written post, but I just wanted to share that I’m a liar and that NONE of my goals in my last post were met. My sincerest apologies. Happy Monday.



  1. It must have been so cool to be in NYC for all of that celebrating! Wonderful! Glad you had a good weekend.

  2. Honestly, that's so amazing that you took an impromptu trip to NYC -- and at such a beautiful time/moment in history!


  3. Sounds like you had a blast! I love that you just up and went to NYC.

  4. You basically had the best weekend ever! I'm totally jealous that I missed what seems to have been Magic Mike Unrated.

  5. Glad you had a great trip! Friends are that important and its more about the memories in the end.

  6. Even though you didn't get to accomplish your goals it seems like you had a great time in NYC. :D

  7. Sounds like a really fun weekend! At least a long weekend is coming up. Maybe you can catch up on sleep on one of those days :-).

  8. Um, I'd say that all sounds worth ditching your planned goals for! Sounds like an awesome time!

  9. It sounds like an awesome time. Besides you have a new week for those goals!

  10. Goals were meant to be broken when you're having this much fun!! Holy smokes...WE Party sounds like a total trip! I'm due for some fun ma' self. Hooray for our constitution getting with the times! lol.

  11. Sounds like you had an amazing time, and breaking your goals were worth it.

  12. This sounds like such a fun adventure. I need hardcore friend time!

  13. That cheesecake looks amazing!. So glad you guys could get away and have fun!