New Tracks Exclusive: Monks of Mellonwah

Look here, I was able to get my hands on some highly anticipated, new music from an up-and-coming Australian band named Monks of Mellonwah! You may know them from the critical praise theyve received these past few years from the LA Music Awards and AIM Awards, in addition to their US tour they completed last year! I received an advance copy of their new EP Disconnect (out next month) and I HAD to share my thoughts and feelings!

Overall, I really enjoyed this band! The vocals are smooth and pleasant, and the alternative, indie vibe is guaranteed to get you in a ‘lax mood.

In “Even When It Burns” and “Show Me Something More,” you really get a sense of their influencers, such as bands like Coldplay and Muse. Their sound is modern, but still sticks to a classic rock root, which is an attribute that everyone should be looking for when exploring new rock bands. The instrumentals are absolutely outstanding on every track, especially in “Show Me Something More.” The Coldplay-esqe piano accompaniment knocks it out of the park! But where they really shine instrumentally is in the short “Interlude.” To say their musical talent is impressive would be an understatement. These guys know what they’re doing, and I’m glad they took the quick 45 seconds to spotlight and show off how they can combine alternative rock and classical music into one flow. Another sign of a great band is that they are able to convey their message through their instruments, and not rely on lyrics alone. In “Disconnect”, the instrumentals will move you with an innate sense of sentimental emotion. Also, can I just say that I’m absolutely in love with the bass-work they do, especially in “Never Been Good”! That song’s bassline got me moving in an instant.

When it comes to vocals, lead singer Vikram Kaushik is strongest when he stays within mid-range or falsetto, like in “Show Me Something More.” Sadly, anything in-between comes off a bit nasally. But overall, Monks of Mellonwah have got some great hits on their hands! When I heard the lyric “the end is coming” in “Feel It Coming”, all I thought about was how much I didn’t want this EP to end! B

-Strong instrumentals
-Powerful lyrics
-Outstanding example of an alternative rock band

-Lead singer should stick with mid-range or falsetto vocals

Earworms: “Disconnect” and “Show Me Something More”

P.S. Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for their latest tour, music, and album news! You will want to keep an eye on them. Trust me!

Ariana Grande's The Honeymoon Tour Review (a.k.a. Taylor just got beat...)

Whoa! It has been a WHILE since I posted on The Daily Dayne! So sorry guy! This past week has been crazy with concerts, work, and Bloodline. J But right now, I HAVE to fill you in on the Ariana Grande concert. I’m going to skip out on reviewing Nicki Minaj for now. I have too many conflicting feelings about the show that I still need to figure out. But when I do, I’ll give you a recap.

Last Saturday night, I got to see Ariana Grande perform at the Verizon Center. Many people have asked me, “How was she compared to Taylor???!!” Well, that is a very complicated question to answer. Taylor and Ariana are two completely different artists. But I’ve thought really hard about this, and I have made a conclusions as to who had a better concert/experience….

Okay, the thing with Taylor is that she writes her own music. There is emotion behind her music; an emotion that I connect to. When Taylor sings, I can feel her personal experiences through her music. I believe that she has gone through the experiences that she sings about. Does she have the best voice? No. Was the production value of her show on point? No. But it was an outdoor, stadium show, and there’s only so much you can do.

The thing Ariana is that her voice is BANGIN’!!!! There is emotion in her music, but it’s mostly emotion that I place into it from my life experiences. Though she is a credited writer on most of her music, I just don’t feel that she has gone through what she sings about. Maybe I’m wrong, but as an audience member, that’s what I felt. BUT…Does she have the best voice? YES. Was the production value of her show on point? YES! So…I have to give it to Ariana. Though Tay and Ari are apples and oranges, Ariana Grande had the better show, in my mind. Taylor will always be #1 in my heart, but Ariana absoLUTely killed it!

Prince Royce was the opener for Ariana’s The Honeymoon Tour. I don’t have strong feelings either way for him. He is 100% an Enrique wannabe, who couldn’t even manage to retain the attention of half of the arena. At one point he said during his set, “I see you all sitting down! C’mon, get on your feet!” It was a very awkward and desperate moment on his part. By the end, he ripped off his shirt, hoping to get fans on their feet for his farewell song. I have to admit…the view was better than the song. 

After PR, Ariana came out strong with a BANG! More like a “Bang Bang”, which is what she opened with. The AG/Jessie J/Nicki Minaj collab favorite was JUST what the Verizon Center needed to get the party started! With fireworks, dancers popping up from under the stage at the command of Ariana’s flick-of-the-wrist, and Ariana’s thigh-high Louboutin boots, the show was underway full-force!

There was one thing that was a little off-putting about her show. She kept disappearing after almost EVERY song. I would be okay with that, given that most disappearances precede a major costume change. These disappearances did not. Half of the time, she would disappear and then reappear 30 seconds later on another part of the stage…But no matter. I still screamed anyways, fangirling like no other. 

Some of her disappearances did render some pretty awesome reentries. The top two moments were when she entered from the ceiling on top of a floating cloud and, later on in the show, on top of a grandiose chandelier. Absolutely breathtaking! The chandelier was a highlight moment. That was during the roaring-20s part of the show. Once again, another reason I love AG. She has an appreciation for her predecessors and musical influencers. It’s easy for artists to turn their stage into a 20s-style, hopping bar, but it’s not easy for them convey the nuances of the era. AG knows her stuff. She appreciates the past and wants to share that love with her audience. This was clearly evident when she performed and impromptu mashup of Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman” and Madonna’s “Vogue.” Maybe I’m underestimating the audience, but I would not assume that an arena filled to the brim with tween girls would know who Chaka Khan is…But Ariana doesn’t care! She wants to educate and share her inspirations with these young kids, and I LOVE THAT! Such a genuine move on her part. 

Another genuine moment was her tribute to her late-grandfather. She disappeared beneath the stage, while a piece of audio played of her grandfather giving her life advice, accompanied by massive subtitles of the conversation on the jumbo-trons. She reappeared on stage with a flowing diamond studded dress, sitting on top of a pearly white piano, singing “My Everything.” It was a struggle to keep my eyes dry during that moment. So moving. 

I could go on and on about this show forever, but I have to check myself. I know it’s not fun reading a wordy and babbling blog post, so I’ll start to wrap up. Here was the set list from Saturday night:

1.       “Bang Bang”

2.       “Hands On Me”

3.       “Best Mistake”

4.       “Break Your Heart Right Back”

6.       “Be My Baby”

7.       “Right There”

8.       “The Way”

9.       “Pink Champagne”

10.   “Tattooed Heart”

11.   “One Last Time”

12.   “Why Try”

13.   “My Everything”

14.   “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart”

15.   Love Me Harder”

16.   “All My Love”

18.   “Break Free”

19.   “Problem” 

All in all, such a GREAT show! I didn’t want it to end! She wrapped up the show with an encore performance of “Problem.” The only problem I had was that the show had to finish! I wanted more!!!! Anyways, thanks for reading! Have you gone to any concerts this year/summer? Planning on any concerts soon? Let me know!

Week-ap Wednesday - July 22, 2015

Hi all!

Wow, what a whirlwind these last two weeks have been! Between concerts, amusement parks, and getting back into the gym, it’s safe to say that summer is in FULL SWING over here! I don’t know when I’ll be able to post next, so I wanted to release a new Week-ap Wednesday for us to catch up on what’s been going on! P.S. Tonight I’m going to see Nicki Minaj at Jiffy Lube Live! I’m so excited! Can’t wait to see her. I’ve been memorizing rap songs for the past three months in preparation for this moment. Tonight is the night I let my inner-rapper shine! And then on Saturday night, I’ll be at the Ariana Grande show at the Verizon Center! I know I had a major Periscope fail at Taylor Swift, but I’m going to try again at these two concerts, so make sure to follow me on Periscope, @thedailydayne! (As usual, too many exclamation points!!!)

What I just finished reading: Paper Towns by John Green
In my last Week-ap Wednesday, I had mentioned that I was currently reading Paper Towns and that I was excited about it! Well…..that excitement was short-lived. I LOVED Green’s The Fault In Our Stars, but, sadly, he didn’t do it for me in this one. The book was filled with teenaged, existential clichés and overhyped diction, this book was a bore and difficult to get through. I know many of you commented before and said how much you loved it. I’m sorry. I’ll have to disagree…DON’T HATE ME!

What I’m currently reading: The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane von Furstenberg
Mrs. Collier and I decided to start a blogging book club a while back and plan on doing duel book reviews on each other’s blog. The Woman I Wanted to Be is the first title we chose. So far, I love it! I am a huge fan of DVF. I love her designs, her attitude, and her positivity on life! I think people have many preconceived notions about her and her life. I have been blown away about her upbringing and life as a little girl in post-WWII Europe. So far: riveting. Look for our reviews soon!

What I’m tired of listening to: “Want to Want Me” by Jason Derulo
Ok. As you know from my Taylor Swift concert review post, I was EXTREMELY disappointed that she chose JD as her special guest for the night. He performed “Want to Want Me” on stage with Tay, and now it’s left a terribly bitter taste in my mouth. OVER IT!

What I’m currently listening to: ALL OF TAYLOR SWIFT’S ALBUMS!
Continuing on the Tay-train-of-thought, I have been revisiting every single one of T. Swift’s albums since the concert! Her debut album, Taylor Swift, has had me belting out “DREWWW LOOOOOKS AT MEEEEEEE!” I love it! But, Fearless, is by FAR my favorite album by T.S., besides 1989. “Forever and Always” will forever and always be my number one fav T. Swizzle tune.

What I finished watching: Orange is the New Black, Season 3, Netflix
A month after its release on the interwebs, I FINALLY caught up on season 3 of OITNB. It was its best season yet! I won’t give any spoilers for those who haven’t seen it yet, but I’ll just say you are in for a treat! I loved getting to know Pensatucky’s story better. She was the season’s shining star! So heart wrenching. I have a new found respect for that actress. Also, can we discuss that montage at the end of the finale??!! So beautiful! Get your tissues ready!

What I’m currently watching: Bloodline, Season 1, Netflix
I’m on a roll with these Netflix original programs! I just finished the first episode of this breakout series. And I am ALREADY hooked! I can’t say anything or describe the episode without giving spoilers away, but take my word for it: THISISGONNABEGOOD.

Alrighty, that’s my life recently! Have you been reading/watching/listening to anything good? Or absolutely horrible??!! Let me know! Hope you all are having a good week!

New Tracks Tuesday - July 21, 2015

I’m not going to lie, I’m still reeling from last week’sTaylor Swift concert, and, as a result, I haven’t been listening to that much new music because I’ve been bingeing on all of Tay’s five albums! PLUS, tomorrow I’ll be going to Nicki Minaj’s concert, and then Saturday is Ariana Grande, so I’ve been prepping by revisiting their albums as well. BUT, I still managed to review this week’s new tracks and decided to only give you the best of the best to listen to! Also, make sure to follow my New Tracks Tuesday playlist on Spotify to hear all of these songs AND more of my current favorite tracks! So, without further ado, here we go:

“Fight For You” – Fareoh

I truly believe that some of the best artists start out as New York DJs. Fareoh proves my theory. Period. He knows how to play with smooth melodies and tinker with electronic harmonies seamlessly in the same song, which produces a beautiful feast for the ears. The lyrics aren’t bad either! “Fight For You” speaks to true love’s ability to cut through a relationship’s pain in order to remind us of our basic foundation, which is….love! Fareoh has produced a sweet dance beat that should easily become a club favorite. A-

“New Americana” – Halsey
I first fell in love with Halsey last fall, when I heard her song “Is There Somewhere?” I admit that I have cried many times while listening to that song. Long story. Don’t ask. Anyway, I love Halsey so much that I nearly bought Imagine Dragon tickets JUST to see her open the show with a couple songs. I am really committed to her! In “New Americana”, Halsey channels her inner-shouting Ke$ha and sings about the new culture wave that’s rising in American youth. I can just picture modern, young hippies dancing in the fields to this song. It’s that great. A

“That’s How You Know” – Nico and Vinz (feat. Bebe Rexha and Kid Ink) EXPLICIT LYRICS
You may be familiar with Nico and Vinz from their 2014 hit “Am I Wrong.” Though “That’s How You Know” is drastically different from “Am I Wrong”, these Norwegian natives still have a hit on their hands! This song is a bit dark, but also hilarious with its description of the vices of success. Nico and Vinz base the melody on a repetitious acoustic sound, while preaching a tragic, complex message about humanity’s tendencies towards self-sabotage. B+

“Clap Snap” – Icona Pop
OMG! This song is SO MUCH FUN! I can’t wait until it starts to be spun by DJs in clubs across America! Icona Pop is known for their fun dance tracks, and “Clap Snap” will keep their popularity going! The nonsensical lyrics and funkiness will keep everyone moving. Let me put it this way: If you were in line at the bar, waiting to get a drink, and you hear the first few beats of this song ring out, you’ll be ITCHING to get back on the dance floor and move your body! Earworm of the Week, A+

Too Cute Beyond Words: “I Can Feel It” – Hey Violet

Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour Review (a.k.a. My life changed last night)

Oh, my fellow bloggers/readers...

Last night I had a brush with: Divinity. Perfection. Nirvana. Yes, last night, I was in attendance at Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour.

BEFORE I get into my recap of the night, I am coming to you with my tail between my legs. For the past week I've been hyping the fact that Mrs. Collier and I were going to be tag teaming a Periscope session from Nationals Park. Tragically, and embarrassingly, that didn't happen. I cannot express to you in words how aggravated we were with the cell service at the event. Every time we tried to initiate a 'scoping sesh, we both were given "Poor Connection" alerts, leaving us stranded and unplugged from social media! Even Twitter and Snapchat were struggling to pull a signal! After about 20 attempts, I was able to send out a Tweet alerting everyone of the technical difficulties.

I don't want to sound paranoid, but I have a bizarre theory that I've been throwing around about this "Poor Connection" business. My social media outlets were working perfectly in the stadium RIGHT up until the moment that Taylor came onstage to perform. When she came on, everything was DEAD! In our ticket emails, there was a warning that professional video recording was strictly prohibited. Needless to say, my iPhone is NOT professional, but, still, everyone knows that Taylor can be a bit of a control freak sometimes. I love her to death, but to read about her battle and fight against music streaming services like Spotify and Tidal, it's no surprise that she fiercely frowns upon anyone misusing her music or footage of the tour. SO, I'm hypothesizing that she had some type of block on Snapchat, Twitter, and Periscope inside the stadium once she got on stage. I know that sounds bizarre and paranoid, but if they can block cell service in schools, why not stadiums?!

Anyway, I know a few of you were looking forward to watching some of the concert on Periscope, so I'm sorry if you were disappointed, BUT Mrs. Collier was able to take videos on her phone and I have uploaded them to my YouTube channel! You'll find a couple of the vids at the end of the post!

So here's the recap of the night... I left work early at 3:00 p.m. got off work at 3:30, and rushed home to shower, put on my custom-made tee, and SWIFTly got an Uber (see what I did there hehe) to Nationals Park! Once we were dropped off at the park, our senses were immediatley assaulted with all things Taylor: little girls wearing Taylor-inspired tutus, grown WOMEN wearing Taylor-inspired tutus, Taylor tees, Taylor pants, Taylor signs, Taylor songs playing everywhere, and even TAYLOR THROW BLANKETS!!!!!! It was like Mt. Swift experienced a volcanic eruption all over Nats Park! Crazy! Once out of the Uber, our mission was to find the "blue tent" that was described in our email. Our seats were right on the field, and field seat holders had to go to the blue tent behind the stadium to get the LED wristband that all audience members receive, along with a special field wristband that fast-tracks you to your field seats.

After we claimed our bands, we were going to wait for Mr. and Mrs. Collier to arrive to the park, but they were far away in traffic, so we selfishly passed through security and entered the stadium and started to savagely hunt the 100 sections for the 2-foot tall margaritas! They are a Nats Park FAV! (Timeout, time for a drink count! Total number of drinks consumed by me last night: 3 margaritas, 2 Coors Lights, 1 vodka shot. When you watch the "Bad Blood" video I posted, you'll hear me merrily singing along terribly off-key in the background. Yeah, at that point I was on my 5th foot of margarita.). We walked around the 100 sections, sipping on our drinks and people watching. It was really nice to see people of all ages come together for this happy event! Everyone was just happy! You could feel the electric, carefree attitude in the air! Nirvana.

We downed our first drinks fast, went for seconds, then headed down to the field to find our seats. We
were in a nice spot, in the front of section 20. We had a great view of the stage and the rotating
catwalk. Soon after we got to our seats, Mr. and Mrs. Collier arrived! I knew then that the partied had started!

Taylor was supposed to have three opening acts: Shawn Mendes, Haim, and Vance Joy. Because of severe weather threatening to disrupt the show later that night, they decided to strike Vance's set. So after Haim performed, Taylor immediately came out with a strong debut! Opening with one of her best songs off 1989, "Welcome To New York!" It was a great way to start the show and welcome her "45,000 friends", as she put it. It was in the middle of the song that I noticed the LED wristbands doing their magic! 45,000 LED lights pulsing in unison to the beats of the song, frenetically changing colors. It was a beautiful touch that really heightened the feeling that we all were a unified family of Swifties. It couldn't have been better! Her set list for this night was as follows:

1. "Welcome To New York"
2. "New Romantics" (My t-shirt was inspired by this song. My absolute FAVORITE song on her album.)
3. "Blank Space"
4. "I Knew You Were Trouble"
5. "I Wish You Would"
6. "How You Get The Girl"
7. "I Know Places"
8. "All You Had To Do Was Stay"
9. "You Belong With Me" (She originally was going to sing "You Are In Love", but changed her mind on the spot)
10. "Clean"
11. "Love Story"
12. "Style"
13. "This Love"
14. "Bad Blood"
15. "We Are Never Getting Back Together"
16. "'Enchanted'/'Wildest Dreams'"
17. "Out Of The Woods"
18. "Shake It Off"

I cannot complain about her song choices, she basically covered the whole 1989 album, except for "Wonderland", which I was looking forward to! Such a powerful song!

Her stage setup was typical of what you'd see at a summer stadium concert. The one cool thing that I didn't see coming was that the catwalk runway was completely functional and could detach from the stage, rise up in the air, and turn in a full-360 degree circle, making Taylor EVERYWHERE and close to the fans! Such a great touch.

Here are some of my high moments from the concert:
-The catwalk runway was awesome. Top of my list.
-Getting compliments on my t-shirt.
-Taylor's costumes were on point. From a emerald shimmying crop top for "Shake It Off" to her iconic catsuit for "Bad Blood", she looked great. My personal favorite was her light up pink crop top and flare skirt for "How You Get The Girl."
-Seeing Taylor sweat on the jumbo-tron. I know that sounds gross, but it's pretty amazing for a pop diva to sweat it out in one of the most humid cities in the nation, all for her fans! Goes to show her dedication and gratefulness that she has for her Swifties and craft.
-The LED wristbands. I cannot describe it in words. Just AMAZING! Check out my videos and you'll probably get a glimpse of the stadium lighting up.
-The awesome paper airplanes that flew across the stadium during "Out Of The Woods."
-Another high moment: I. FREAKIN. SAW. TAYLOR. SWIFT!!!!!!

Low moments from the concert:
-This will be brief, because there really weren't any low moments. Except.......this past week had been filled with news about Taylor bringing out special guests on stage to perform or make an appearance. For example, so far she's had Nick Jonas, Ed Sheeran, Little Big Town, The Weeknd, and the cast of
the "Bad Blood" video show their faces and perform. Monday night was Taylor's first show in D.C., and she set the expectations high for the second night when she pulled her best friend Lorde out onto the stage to perform a duet version of "Royals." I was PUMPED for last night's special guest, and was trying to figure out who it'd be. I was secretly hoping that Lorde would show up again, but also hoping that Taylor would top herself with an even better guest (...praying for the longshot Beyonce.....a boy can dream). Then the time came. My heart was beating so hard when Taylor started talking about needing a special guest to help her get through all this heat. I was FREAKING OUT! It is an underwhelming understatement to say that I was disappointed when Jason Derulo popped up on stage to sing "Want To Want Me." I felt a bit shafted. That was my LOWEST moment of the show for me and many others, I'm sure.
-Also, a girl barfed during Taylor's first song. She was completely wasted and was escorted out of the stadium. Not. Cool.

So, in the end, the 1989 World Tour was amazingly breathtaking. I had such a great time singing along to Taylor and jamming out with friends. Great memories were made last night. Memories that will last for a lifetime!

Here are a couple of videos from the concert. You can view all of them on my YouTube channel! Thanks for stopping by and letting me share this experience with you!

New Tracks Tuesday - July 14, 2015

I have no idea how I had time to listen to new music, because Taylor Swift’s albums have been playing in my car NON-STOP! Oh, by the way, going to Taylor Swift tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, here are the best (and not-so-best) tracks of the week! Enjoy!


Nostalgia – Roland Champaine
As I mentioned last week on Twitter, I had the pleasure of stumbling upon a new earworm that I CANNOT stop listening to! Roland Champaine is easily my new R&B favorite! He’s a fresh artist born and bred in Texas, and he’s just released an immaculate mixtape, Nostalgia. Champaine’s sounds are undeniably reminiscent of Luke James and the music found on Fox’s Empire, with the important exception that Champaine’s rhythms and melodies are far more soulful and pleasing to the ear. Through the combination of his versatile tenor pitch and crystal clear vibrato, you will really feel and believe the emotions that he sings about. Whether he’s belting out about heartbreak, love, or lust, you are right there with him for the ride. To say that he’s one to look out for would be an understatement. Roland Champaine’s musical style is the definition of avant garde and will keep you on your toes. I’d highly recommend to keep your eyes peeled for this one. This is so cliché to say, but it’s true: I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of him very soon. Make sure to follow him on Twitter to keep up with his journey. And check out his whole mixtape below! A

Earworms from Nostalgia:
-“P.W.M.H.” ft. Mike Todd
-“Be There” ft. 5ive

“Finna Get Loose” – Diddy (feat. Pharrell Williams)
Oh boy…It’s sad to go from an amazing mixtape like Nostalgia to reviewing this crumbling cookie cutter song that is just terrible. Diddy’s new track begins and ends with the sounds of heavy breathing. Don’t be fooled, that’s actually me sighing impatiently, waiting for the song to end. This song sounds like Diddy threw together some sneezes and coughs, while suspiciously sounding similar to Nelly’s “Hot in Herre.” I will end my review right there. D

“Seventeen” – Sjowgren
I found Sjowgren unexpectedly on Spotify. Little is known about this group so far. But what I do know is that this San Francisco-based trio is HOT (musically that is)! I fell in love with “Seventeen” right from the first few piano chords that they begin this amazing song with. With their quick tempo basslines and relentless, angelic harmonies, I just want to speed down an empty highway at dusk, windows down and feel the wind in my hair! (That’s the second cliché I’ve used today…Gotta stop!) “Seventeen” ends with some equally spaced-out claps. That’s actually me clapping for an encore of this fantastic group and tune! If you love them like I do, follow them on Twitter!

“Handcuffs” – Prince Royce
I fell in love with this Bronx cutie when I first saw him as a judge on La voz kids! And I’m excited to see him open for Ariana Grande’s concert next week at the Verizon Center! Though the lyrics of “Handcuffs” consist of cheesy pop, the beat and understated R&B/electronic flow keeps you going. The song deals with being grateful for finding someone who lets you be free. Well, I’m grateful that PR released this new track! B

“Locked Away” – R. City
When I first heard this song, the first thing I said was, “Wow, this sounds like Adam Levine!” I’m an idiot. It is Adam Levine featured in this get-your-hips-moving-in-your-desk-chair reggae track. With its message of loving despite flaws and its beautiful shouts, there’s a reason why this Saint Thomas producing pair has worked with Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley, and other top artists in the world! Check this out. B+

“Weathered” – Jack Garratt
I am a sucker for echo-y monk-like chants and swelling hums. I’m also a sucker for lyrics that preach the innate youthfulness found in love, even as one grows older. With its hot breaks, sick beat, and the choral harmonies (LOVE IT), Jack Garratt’s “Weathered” deservedly receives my Earworm of the Week, A+

Too Cute Beyond Words: “Without” – Years & Years

There are no actual stores on the National Mall (a.k.a. How I made my Taylor Swift tees)

I can hardly contain my excitement! Tomorrow the 1989 World Tour comes to D.C. and I’m fangirling so hard over here!!!! This past weekend, 1989 and Red were playing non-stop in my little Fiat as I made preparations for the big day tomorrow. The most important goal (which I mentioned last Friday) is that I needed to my t-shirt ready, and getting that done was a tizzy…

The day started with picking up my friend Chris (a fresh D.C. transplant from Chicago) and going to the mall. Poor Chris, I told him I was going to the mall and he was excited to go! Little did he know that I meant Pentagon City Mall….he thought I was going to the National Mall for touristy engagements. He ended up being stuck with me all day as we drove all over creation desperately trying to get these TSwift tees made!

Once we arrived at Pentagon City Mall, I was shocked and disappointed to find that my favorite iron-on tee stand had shut down. I went into full panic mode! This was the only t-shirt making stand that I knew of! It was 4:00 p.m. on a Saturday! Where were we going to find a place to make our tees! Everything would be closed on Sunday and I won’t be able to get it done in time! I’M A FAILURE!!!!!

Okay, I get a bit panicky and overdramatic when things don’t exactly go according to plan, but I pulled myself together and Googled “iron-on tee shirt stores.” Luckily I found “LA Tee-Shirt” that was open until 5:00 p.m. in Arlington, so we rushed our butts over there immediately!

“LA Tee-Shirt” is a family-owned tee shirt business that has been around for over 30 years! It’s a hole in the wall mom and pop store that’s dusty charm completely captured
me. Sun-faded tees cover all the walls and tell stories of how long this historic store has been around. 

This place is where you need to go if you’re looking to get t-shirts made in the DMV (D.C./Maryland/Virginia) area! Absolutely great! We went in with designs in mind, and the designer tweaked them a bit and made them so much better! The tee was $1, and the front/back designs cost $20. Not bad at all!

So I can check off “T-shirts” from my to-do
list! I don’t know if I’m more excited about the concert itself or wearing the tee in public! I actually…I’m still more excited about the show. Seeing how these past few shows she’s had surprise guests like Nick Jonas! SWOOOOOON! I. Can’t. Wait! I’ll have a full recap of tomorrow’s show Wednesday morning.

P.S. I received a lot of Periscope requests for Tuesday’s show. SO, Mrs. Collier and I have decided to split up the 'scope work. I’m going to ‘scope out requests that come off the 1989 album, while Mrs. Collier will ‘scope any other songs that were requested. Make sure to follow her! It’s going to be great! Her handle is brittrcollier. Mine is thedailydayne.

Dayne's Weekend Goals (with some Taylor Swift on the side)

Hi all,

It’s FRIDAY! And I couldn’t be happier! A couple weekends ago, I set certain goals that I wanted to accomplish that weekend….and many of you know how my weekend got sidetracked as I went on an impromptu trip to New York.

Anyways, this weekend I’m back on the wagon, and I’m ready to set some goals! Here we go:

1. Make my t-shirt for the…wait for it….TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT ON TUESDAY!!!!!!!

So excited that Mrs. Collier and I are going to be on the ground at Nationals Park (close to the stage) on Tuesday to see our FAVORITE artist of ALL TIME! TAYLOR SWIFT! Tuesday, I’ll be posting about the importance of concert attire and when it’s appropriate to be campy or not…In the meantime, I have 1989 on replay all weekend long! Who’s with me Swifties??!! Mrs. Collier and I will be Periscoping live at the concert on Tuesday. Make sure to follow me on Periscope to get an exclusive view of the concert! Follow me: thedailydayne

2. Finish Paper Towns by John Greene

I have been absolutely tearing through this read. It’s quirky, cute, and fun! EXACTLY what I look for in a young adult novel. Greene knows what he’s doing.

3. Finish the third season of “Orange is the New Black”

The latest outing for this Netflix original has been its best! I love that they are moving the spotlight off Piper and really diving deep into the histories of the other inmates. I have three episodes left and I’m going to knock them all out this weekend! (P.S.: Can we talk about Ruby Rose on Monday? #WCE)

Hope you all have a great weekend and accomplish everything you set out on!


Week-ap Wednesday

Hi all!

This week I skipped out on New Tracks Tuesday (but don’t worry, it shall return next week!). In its place, I’ve decided to install a bi-weekly post that briefly recaps what’s been going on during my week! Week-ap Wednesday! So here we go! (Lots of exclamation points!)

What I just finished reading: Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James
It’s taken me three years to get through this trilogy. Three loooooooooong and painful years. Let’s just say I’m glad it’s over! (But-I-couldn’t-help-myself-and-just-bought-her-new-book-Grey). No judgement please.

What I’m currently reading: Paper Towns by John Greene
As an original reader and adopter of The Fault In Our Stars, I am ashamed that I haven’t picked up this book sooner! I know it sounds like I’m jumping on the bandwagon because the movie is coming out, but I promise I’m not!

What I’m tired of listening to: “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten
We get it. You’re strong and a fighter. Now please stop. Just stop.

What I’m currently listening to: “Cool For The Summer” by Demi Lovato
I am a HUGE Lovatic! This song is anything BUT cool….IT’S HOT and SEXY and PERFECT for the summer! Check it out here!

What I’m currently watching: The Real Housewives of Orange County and New York, Bravo
O.C. has always been a safe bet, but with the addition of the entitled housewife, Meghan, things are sure to get dramatic and feisty this season! Also, New York is out of its slump, FINALLY! Thanks to Bethenny’s return, this show is on top and at its finest!

What I finished watching: The Affair, Showtime
Just binge-watched the first season of this steamy, seaside Showtime program. Though slow at first, this show’s emotion and plot builds pretty quickly by the end, leaving you more! No spoilers here, but check it out On Demand if you can.

Now that I’m done blabbing, give me your Week-ap! What are you currently reading/listening/watching? Have any good suggestions?