Fifth Harmony's The Reflection Tour Review (a.k.a. Tweens, Screams, and Diva Queens)

Camila. Lauren. Dinah Jane. Ally. Normani. YES. I was able to see them last night in ALL THEIR Mini-Beyonces-in-Training glory!!!!!! If you don't recognize those names, maybe you'll recognize their girl band name: FIFTH HARMONY!!!!

Let me start out by saying that I wasn’t planning on going to see them. But a week ago, I started re-listening to their album Reflection (which is also one of my Flavors of the Week), and I fell in love with them all over again. I made a decision then and there that I HAD to see them! The only problem was getting decently priced tickets, seeing that the show was basically sold out, and the worst seats in the house were going for $200 apiece. Umm, baby boy over here is on a B-U-D-G-E-T and I ain’t got time for that!

Seeing those resale prices made me nearly faint in despair, but I hunted through Craigslist every hour on the hour for five days, holding out hope for a couple miracle tickets. The thing with CL is that a lot of third-party resellers spam and blow up CL with sketchy and overpriced offers. Scrolling through these spammy ads deepened my desperation. But suddenly out of nowhere, a nice little ad appeared and read “2 Fifth Harmony tix for sale. $35 each.” MY EYES NEARLY ROLLED OUT OF MY HEAD! I immediately messaged this person begging for the tickets. He didn't mention the seat numbers/section, but I didn’t care! I blindly offered him $50 apiece to secure these mystery tickets! Come to find out, they were comp tickets, and he wouldn’t know what the seat numbers would be until he picked them up at will-call the day of the show, two hours before show time.

Needless to say, I was taking a major major chance on this dude. I met him on the corner of 13 & F (a block away from Warner Theater), and my expectations were blown out of the water. THESE SEATS WERE SIX ROWS FROM THE FRONT AND WERE CENTER ORCHESTRA!!!! LITERALLY THE MOST PERFECT SEATS IN THE HOUSE!!!!! THANK YOU MAN-WHO-SHALL-REMAIN-NAMELESS!!! I HOPE YOU AND YOUR BOYFRIEND HAD A GOOD NIGHT MISSING OUT ON THE SHOW! One man’s trash is another’s treasure for sure. Not only did I secure perfect seats, I paid WAY below original retail value. SCORE!

So, I rolled up to the theater around 7 or 8 and I yelled to the cabbie, “Yo---“ errrr, sorry wrong story. No, but for real, I got to the theater around 7:30 p.m. There was a line wrapped around the entire block. It was crazy! But funny enough, I felt really
at home with all these giddy preteens shaking and squealing with Fifth Harmony excitement! Now THESE ARE MY PEEPS!

Immediately after getting through the horrendously long line, we were ushered into the lobby of the tiny Warner Theater. I had forgotten how SMALL the place is. The last time I was there was for my 16th birthday to see a Tyler Perry musical (I'm not ashamed of my teenage-TP obsession). Granted, FH is not popular enough to sell out arenas and stadiums yet (but don’t worry, they will be very soon), but I feel like they could have handled a somewhat larger venue, like the Patriot Center (Now recently renamed EagleBank Arena. I do not approve of the name change.). Anyhow, we squeezed between all the tweens and tired, stressed out parent chaperones, and made it to the bar to get our vodka-on-the-rocks on (which I basically inhaled during the walk between the bar and our seats).

After chugging my vodka, we arrived at our front orchestra seats to find them occupied by three little tween girls chatting and obnoxiously giggling over their Instagram accounts. Enter me: “Umm, excuse me ladies. I think you’re in our seats.” Tweens and accompanying eyerolls: “Um. Whatever.”  They then proceeded to scoot down two more seats to let us sit. They eventually were booted from the row due to their unlawful seat hopping. Some advice tweenies: GO BACK TO THE NOSEBLEED, BALCONY SEATS WHERE YOU BELONG! Leave the orchestra section to the adults who worked hard to pay for these immaculate seats (or to the two guys who randomly hit the CL jackpot…but nevertheless!). Apparently, row hopping was a very hip thing to do, seeing as the young crowd seemed to ebb and flow between seats and sections. Kinda annoying. Kinda felt like a bitter, old man. Not cool kids...not cool.

First up was Natalie La Rose! I was actually very impressed with her! Her set was simple and had two very talented back up dancers onstage with her. If you don’t know NLR, she is the artist who sings “Somebody,” which is a current hit on the airwaves. She’s beautiful, inside and out. She has a genuine love for the audience and fans, and her positive spirit literally radiates from within her. Couldn’t have been more happy! A standout moment in her set was when Lauren and Dinah Jane came out and performed “Somebody” with NLR. The crowd went wild over the surprise FH cameo (my ears still haven’t recovered from the piercingly painful preteen shrieks)! I’m usually not a fan of pre-show cameos, because I prefer to see them for the first time when their actual set starts. But I LOVED it when they did it! So great and fun!

The second opener was an artist who I had never heard of before: Bea Miller. She’s a spunky, 16 year-old rocker chick. She was cool. She seemed to be extremely popular with the young girls. It wasn’t until her last song, “Fire N Gold”, that I recognized her music.

OMG! How could I forget this little detail! Both NLR and Bea Miller covered Nick Jonas songs. NLR covered “Jealous” and Bea Miller covered “Chains.” I found that a bit odd, but the NJ thread got stranger as the night went on….You’ll understand what I mean in a second.

After Bea, I was ready for FH! I was pumped!!!! The house went dark. The music started thumping. The audience went nuts with excitement! I knew it was time! Then spotlights shone on a guitarist rocking out in the middle of the audience! A band was jamming with him on stage. I thought, “Wow Fifth Harmony! I love this setup!” Boy, what a letdown. Come to find out they were a THIRD opener called Common Kings, a reggae rock group, that was VERY out of place in the show. They were all probably mid-thirty guys who were trying to look like they were younger, desperately trying to breathe life into a disinterested crowd. It was super awkward. I sat down. Fifth Harmony must have sensed how life-draining Common Kings were, because Dinah Jane and Normani came on stage and started dancing. NOW everyone was on their feet, including myself!

After the Common :::::yaaawwwwwwwn:::::: Kings were done with their set, tour crew members were hustling and bustling on stage, clearing the floor for FH's heavenly arrival. And, ohhhhh, did they ever arrive majestically. You can see the whole opening song below. Their solo, silhouette dance intros were to DIE for! I’m a huge advocate for silhouette dance openers. Nothing better!

I really appreciated the set direction. The back of the stage was a jumbo video screen that they would frequently go up to when singing in unison, before strutting down a mirror staircase to the front of the stage where eager fans awaited!. Lined up from stage
left, all the way up and around the screen to stage right were massive flash umbrellas, which set the DIVA tone to the MAX!

The girls’ live vocals were ON POINT during the whole show! And I was impressed with how they allowed each other to show off their individual skill sets throughout the concert. Very, very mature for them to share the stage equally. You also got a sense of their musical inspirations. You can unmistakably catch them channel Beyonce, Rihanna, Mariah, and Shakira, to name a few. Some people criticize FH for being “copycats” of other artists. I could not disagree MORE! They are starting off their careers right by acknowledging and thanking their predecessors and musical role models. Such class! In the long run, that is only going to be a positive for them. Way to go ladies!

Okay. Each and every one of these girls can dance (Special MVP shoutout to Normani. That girl can DANCE LIKE BEYONCE!). But, there were a few stumbles that occurred throughout the show. During a transition between songs, the girls (in the dark) each stood on top of a chair, getting ready for the lights to dramatically rise for the next song. When the lights went up, Lauren was awkwardly trying to keep her balance and nearly fell off her chair during the first line of the song. Kind of awkward. Also, even though I adore her, Ally’s stage presence is a bit awkward. She ran into a couple of the other band members a few time while dancing. When she's not singing, she seems a bit insecure and unsure of herself. But I know this will go away in due time.

Going back to the Nick Jonas thing…I can’t remember which song it was exactly, but FH covered NICK JONAS AGAIN! It was either “Chains” or “Jealous.” My jaw dropped, because how can they sing a cover that one of their openers performed!?!?! Three NJ covers in one show?!?! And two of the performances were of the same song???? Super strange... Nick Jonas must be blackmailing them or something, because there seemed to be major Jonas brown nosing going on during the whole show. So weird….

Another moment that threw me off was when they showed a long video around the middle of the concert. The girls were off stage, and the audience was left watching this strange, colorful video on the jumbo screen while the a recording of the ladies talking about “being yourself” played over the speakers. It was very long, so I assumed the purpose of the video was to allow FH time for a costume change! Yea, I was wrong. Following the video, they confidently strutted back on stage in the same royal blue outfits. Kind of a letdown, but I’ll give them a pass. Next tour, I expect at least THREE costume changes ladies! Kthanks.

This was FH’s first headlining tour, and they’ve got PLENTY of time to brush up and perfect their crafts. I’ve seen the ladies perform twice before. One time at DC Jingle Ball 2013 and then when they opened for Demi Lovato last year. They have made strides of improvement since then, and I expect them to keep growing musically and doing their thang!

The set list for the night was as follows:

1. "Boss"
2. "Reflection"
3. "Going Nowhere"
4. "Miss Movin' On" / "We Will Rock You" / "Bad Blood" / "Bitch Better Have My Money"
5. "Sledgehammer"
6. "Suga Mama"
7. "Them Girls Be Like"
8. "Top Down"
9. "Better Together"
10. "This Is How We Roll"
11. "Brave Honest Beautiful"
12. "Like Mariah"
13. "We Know"
14. "Who Are You"
15. Either “Jealous” or "Chains" (I forgo which, but they def covered one of those two songs)
16. "Everlasting Love"
17. "Worth It"
Encore: “Body Rock”

Show Highlights:

-Being so freaking close to the stage! I could practically see each individual strand of Dinah Jane’s extensions!

-The confetti cannons at the end were RIDICULOUS! Almost all concerts nowadays end with a dramatic confetti cannon finale. But these cannons literally were dumped on the audience. SO MUCH CONFETTI! IT WAS A CONFETTI WATERFALL. You couldn’t see your hand in front of your face because the colorful little shreds of paper were attacking all of your body’s five senses. Absolutely insane…and I loved it.

-Also during the finale, I loved how all the opening acts (minus Bea Arthur…sorry, Bea MILLER) came to dance and bow out with the ladies. It made the show feel like it came full-circle. Great touch.

-As I mentioned before, Normani was MVP. She clearly has the strongest dance skills in the group, and she really connects with the audience. She did a fabulous job. If any of the FH ladies were to pull a Beyonce in the future and split off with a successful career, it will be Normani.

-Camila was a joy to watch. She was so erratic and giddy on stage, which made the show feel so spontaneous and fun. Props to her!

-Three words: FIFTH. HARMONY. JERSEYS. Black and gold trim and letterings. MUST HAVE ONE!

All in all, The Reflection Tour was a success! Had such a great time and experience, and I can’t wait for the girls to go on tour again! Make sure to buy their album, it is AMAZING! And follow them on Twitter! The ladies are up for a VMA on Sunday, so some really cool things are going to be happening with them! Can’t wait to see what’s in store!


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