New Tracks Tuesday - September 8, 2015

I am LOVING the music I've been reviewing lately. I've noticed that I haven't been giving many negative reviews...BUT THAT'S BECAUSE ALL THIS MUSIC IS FAN-TAST-IC!!!! Hope you enjoy these great, handpicked new tracks!

“Bloodstream”- Transviolet
Transviolet is proving more and more, every day, that they are my new favorite band. They captured me mercilessly with their hit “Girls Your Age,” and have continued to hold me captive with their follow-up “Bloodstream.” On a random note, the music in this song makes me want to run away from the law, in the dead of night, in the woods… Don’t know why I shared that with you, but I cannot hide my true feelings! Anyways! This song is incredibly sexy, and reveals the thinning lines between addiction, lust, and love. They never fail to send chills down my spine. Please check them out! I’m expecting HUGE things to come from them and I do NOT want you to miss out. (Also, they are going on tour with Mikky Ekko in October. You may remember a little, ‘ole duet that Mikky did with a small town girl named….RIHANNA! And that little, ‘ole duet was the MASSIVE HIT “STAY”!!!! It’s a win-win to see him AND Transviolet! You can find out about ticket information on their Facebook page.) A+, Earworm of the Week

 “New Obsession”- Frankie
Wow! Frankie has reinstated my faltering faith in people named Frankie (I’m looking at you Frankie Grande…). This Oakland native’s fresh track “New Obsession” is exactly the song I needed to end this summer with a BANG! Her smooth and cutesy charm will draw you in, but by the chorus you will feel the heavy punch that she’s got behind her voice! In her song, she claims to have “tricks” and “moves,” and let me tell you….SHE DOES! I think I have found a NEW OBSESSION! (pun intended) Can’t wait to hear more of her music soon! A

“Rescue”- ZZ Ward
I’ve heard ZZ Ward’s name thrown around a lot within the last few years, but I never got the chance to check out her music. For some reason, the name threw me off and reminded me of some type of heavy, death metal band. So I naturally stayed away. I’m SO SAD I DID! I could listen to her sweet and crackly voice all day long. If you’re looking to get better acquainted with ZZ Ward, “Rescue” is the perfect song to start with. It’s a powerful, crescendoing anthem about complete and utter dedication to unconditional love. (P.S. Her real name is Zsuzsanna….I HAVE NOW OFFICIALLY PICKED OUT MY FIRST BORN’S NAME.) A

“U12”- Daya
You know when you hear a song that’s so filled-to-the-brim with soul, that you can’t handle it? Daya’s “U12” is a perfect example of when this occurs. The song is drenched in electro beats, but, at the same time, it couldn’t be more emotional and human. Daya takes a simple message about love and transforms it into an electro-R&B, complex movement. LOVE IT! (Also, this song incorporates number play, which I will always and forever be obsessed with. I’ve had Brian McKnight’s “Back at One” on repeat since the 90s…) A-

“My Love Is Strong”- The Furious Seasons
If the band Lynyrd Skynyrd somehow had a love child with Bob Dylan, The Furious Seasons would be the result of that torrid love affair. In “My Love Is Strong,” The Furious Seasons present an original sound to the Americana and folk genre! The vocals are whimsical, but tight, and the lyrics paint a picture of love that can’t be denied. On top of that, David Steinhart on the electric guitar…SICK! Americana and folk music can be an acquired taste for some people, but if you’re new to the genres and are looking to jump in, The Furious Seasons is a GREAT place to start. You may find that your love, too, is strong for them….(see what I did there??) B+

Too Cute Beyond Words: “Gave Me Something”- Jess Glynne

New Tracks Exclusive: The Como Brothers Band

You know that inoffensive, forgettable pop band that your mom RAVES about and makes her feel like she’s hip with the times? The type of band who tries really hard to relate to 18 to 34 year-olds, but in reality they have a strong, unintentional following of parents over 50? That band is most likely The Como Brothers Band

On paper, these two brothers should be fully-realized pop stars. They’re cute, have great voices, and their songs are tight and well-rehearsed. But they are lacking that edge and provocation that would separate them from the innocuous Josh Grobans and Michael Bubles of the world.

When you listen to their new EP Imagination, all you will find yourself doing is making comments like, “Oh, this song sounds like Maroon 5,” or, “Hmm, I hear John Mayer’s style in those instrumentals.” The Como Brothers are kind of a Frankenstein’s monster of male, pop musicians. They take little pieces from every artist and incorporate/imitate them in their own music. I mean, even the letter “M” in their band logo looks exactly like the “M” in Maroon 5’s logo. 

Don’t get me wrong, The Como Brothers Band’s music is pleasing and sounds nice. But, unfortunately, they are extremely forgettable. The only time any personality shone through in the EP was when Andrew Como fooled around with some staccato diction when singing “Tell You I’m Fine.” Other than that, the EP falls flat and turns into a bland, conforming mess. My advice to the two boys: Go back to the drawing table. You two clearly have talent, so don’t be afraid to experiment, to be edgy, and to be original. B-

New Tracks Exclusive: bitter's kiss

OMG!!!! My heart is racing because I just finished listening to an INCREDIBLE album and I’m trying to type as fast as I can because I want to get this out to you all ASAP!!!!!!!!!!! :::Collecting my thoughts and emotions. Breathe::: Okay. Let’s go.

Let me just give you the quick 411 on this artist: 1. Her name is Chloe Baker, and she’s in a duo with her father called bitter’s kiss. 2. Lana del Rey’s voice/melancholy + Lorde’s instrumentals + Taylor Swift’s heart and lyrics = bitter’s kiss. 3. I was brought to tears twice listening to her debut album, (also called) bitter’s kiss.

Okay, now that I’ve pulled myself together, here’s the review:

bitter’s kiss is full of paradoxes, emotional twists and turns, and complete infusions of actual life. My jaw dropped when I read that Chloe has only been taking music seriously within the last couple years and cranked out this album within a few months. My jaw dropped AGAIN when I came to the conclusion that she didn’t have any big-name writers or producers backing her up while putting together this album. That fact is astounding because the music sounds and feels absolutely polished and professional, and quite frankly, ready for the airwaves!

Chloe is the sort of artist that can sing about a simple, happy situation but make you only feel sadness and a bit of dread. On the flip side, she can also do the reverse; sing about sadness but still give off an aura of hope. For example, in the song “Love Won’t Make You Cry,” Chloe sings about the happiness that love brings into your life. But throughout the whole song, her voice only conveyed the opposite. Though she doesn’t outright say it, she completely blasts the idealism of love, without saying one negative thing about it. “Love Won’t Make You Cry” reveals that love has only brought her pain and sadness. It’s kind of cool, because if you take the song’s message at face value, it would be a go-to for a content and happy lover. But it can also be a go-to for the brokenhearted. DO YOU SEE HOW AMAZING THAT IS?! THAT ONE SONG CAN MEAN TWO DIFFERENT THINGS TO TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SETS OF PEOPLE!? THIS IS THE DEFINTION OF THE POWER OF MUSIC! Needless to say, listening to this song was the FIRST occurrence of tears being brought to my eyes.

On the other side of the spectrum, there is the depressive track, “No One Will.” This is a completely pessimistic song about the inevitable doom of love and relationships. For some reason, even though this song blatantly puts love on blast, I found it an extremely hopeful track! The whole time I just imagined Chloe on a soapbox preaching to the masses about the futility of love, only to step down off her box when she’s finished and come unexpectedly face to face with her soulmate. That is the vibe and feeling that bitter’s kiss gives off. This album shows that love and life are never what you think they will be, and that they will always turn your life upside down and crush your expectations, for both the better and the worse. Absolutely incredible.

There’s one last thing I want to say about bitter’s kiss. I always like to conduct a certain experiment when it comes to listening to a fresh artist. I pick a song, any song, and just focus on the instrumentals and the voice, completely tuning out the lyrics and message. I’m always curious to see the effect that the pure notes have on me. I tried this during “Bitter’s Kiss.” This was the second occurrence of tears rising to my eyes.

I’m telling you, this girl has an amazingly unique talent. To have the ability to convey life the way she does is incredibly difficult to achieve, and makes me anxious and impatient to hear more from her as she grows older and experiences more life. A


Number of times I used a form of “incredible” in this post: 4
Number of times I used a form of “amazing” in this post: 3

Yes, I’m aware I need to rotate more positive adjectives in my reviews, but I was in a rush and couldn’t wait to share bitter’s kiss with you. It’s an incredibly amazing album (make that 5 and 4)! Make sure to follow bitter's kiss on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on new music, shows, and what they're up to!