New Tracks Exclusive: bitter's kiss

OMG!!!! My heart is racing because I just finished listening to an INCREDIBLE album and I’m trying to type as fast as I can because I want to get this out to you all ASAP!!!!!!!!!!! :::Collecting my thoughts and emotions. Breathe::: Okay. Let’s go.

Let me just give you the quick 411 on this artist: 1. Her name is Chloe Baker, and she’s in a duo with her father called bitter’s kiss. 2. Lana del Rey’s voice/melancholy + Lorde’s instrumentals + Taylor Swift’s heart and lyrics = bitter’s kiss. 3. I was brought to tears twice listening to her debut album, (also called) bitter’s kiss.

Okay, now that I’ve pulled myself together, here’s the review:

bitter’s kiss is full of paradoxes, emotional twists and turns, and complete infusions of actual life. My jaw dropped when I read that Chloe has only been taking music seriously within the last couple years and cranked out this album within a few months. My jaw dropped AGAIN when I came to the conclusion that she didn’t have any big-name writers or producers backing her up while putting together this album. That fact is astounding because the music sounds and feels absolutely polished and professional, and quite frankly, ready for the airwaves!

Chloe is the sort of artist that can sing about a simple, happy situation but make you only feel sadness and a bit of dread. On the flip side, she can also do the reverse; sing about sadness but still give off an aura of hope. For example, in the song “Love Won’t Make You Cry,” Chloe sings about the happiness that love brings into your life. But throughout the whole song, her voice only conveyed the opposite. Though she doesn’t outright say it, she completely blasts the idealism of love, without saying one negative thing about it. “Love Won’t Make You Cry” reveals that love has only brought her pain and sadness. It’s kind of cool, because if you take the song’s message at face value, it would be a go-to for a content and happy lover. But it can also be a go-to for the brokenhearted. DO YOU SEE HOW AMAZING THAT IS?! THAT ONE SONG CAN MEAN TWO DIFFERENT THINGS TO TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SETS OF PEOPLE!? THIS IS THE DEFINTION OF THE POWER OF MUSIC! Needless to say, listening to this song was the FIRST occurrence of tears being brought to my eyes.

On the other side of the spectrum, there is the depressive track, “No One Will.” This is a completely pessimistic song about the inevitable doom of love and relationships. For some reason, even though this song blatantly puts love on blast, I found it an extremely hopeful track! The whole time I just imagined Chloe on a soapbox preaching to the masses about the futility of love, only to step down off her box when she’s finished and come unexpectedly face to face with her soulmate. That is the vibe and feeling that bitter’s kiss gives off. This album shows that love and life are never what you think they will be, and that they will always turn your life upside down and crush your expectations, for both the better and the worse. Absolutely incredible.

There’s one last thing I want to say about bitter’s kiss. I always like to conduct a certain experiment when it comes to listening to a fresh artist. I pick a song, any song, and just focus on the instrumentals and the voice, completely tuning out the lyrics and message. I’m always curious to see the effect that the pure notes have on me. I tried this during “Bitter’s Kiss.” This was the second occurrence of tears rising to my eyes.

I’m telling you, this girl has an amazingly unique talent. To have the ability to convey life the way she does is incredibly difficult to achieve, and makes me anxious and impatient to hear more from her as she grows older and experiences more life. A


Number of times I used a form of “incredible” in this post: 4
Number of times I used a form of “amazing” in this post: 3

Yes, I’m aware I need to rotate more positive adjectives in my reviews, but I was in a rush and couldn’t wait to share bitter’s kiss with you. It’s an incredibly amazing album (make that 5 and 4)! Make sure to follow bitter's kiss on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on new music, shows, and what they're up to!


  1. You always have the greatest music choices! Fantastic!

  2. Always open to new tunes. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm listening to this over and over and over and over - LOVE, per usual. More than the amazing music, I think I loved reading your post. Your excitement and passion is so fun to read.

  4. Thanks for the review. I really like Love Won't Make You Cry. I have heard it before but did not know who the singer was.

  5. Ha! You're reviews are amazing and incredible ;) Seriously though, I do love them. You always introduce me to such great music. Can't wait to listen to all her tracks.

  6. Your review was so kind, I wanted to make sure you saw the video! It's bitter sweet given recent events ...