New Tracks Exclusive: The Como Brothers Band

You know that inoffensive, forgettable pop band that your mom RAVES about and makes her feel like she’s hip with the times? The type of band who tries really hard to relate to 18 to 34 year-olds, but in reality they have a strong, unintentional following of parents over 50? That band is most likely The Como Brothers Band

On paper, these two brothers should be fully-realized pop stars. They’re cute, have great voices, and their songs are tight and well-rehearsed. But they are lacking that edge and provocation that would separate them from the innocuous Josh Grobans and Michael Bubles of the world.

When you listen to their new EP Imagination, all you will find yourself doing is making comments like, “Oh, this song sounds like Maroon 5,” or, “Hmm, I hear John Mayer’s style in those instrumentals.” The Como Brothers are kind of a Frankenstein’s monster of male, pop musicians. They take little pieces from every artist and incorporate/imitate them in their own music. I mean, even the letter “M” in their band logo looks exactly like the “M” in Maroon 5’s logo. 

Don’t get me wrong, The Como Brothers Band’s music is pleasing and sounds nice. But, unfortunately, they are extremely forgettable. The only time any personality shone through in the EP was when Andrew Como fooled around with some staccato diction when singing “Tell You I’m Fine.” Other than that, the EP falls flat and turns into a bland, conforming mess. My advice to the two boys: Go back to the drawing table. You two clearly have talent, so don’t be afraid to experiment, to be edgy, and to be original. B-

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